Mr. B’s Pool Centers are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best swimming pool and hot tub chemicals on the market. That’s why we carry Poolife® Exclusive Pool Care Collection, NUVO Ultraviolet, BAQUA Spa®, Baquacil, and Oxygen Pools brand chemicals. The health, quality, and clarity of your pool and hot tub water is our number one concern, and we’re confident the innovative products from these brands will keep your water crystal clear and clean. For more information about these fine brands or products, please read on or stop by our pool store to learn from Mr. B’s Pool Centers professionals.

Poolife® Exclusive Pool Care Collection

With the Poolife® Exclusive Pool Care Collection, it's not just a pool... it's a lifestyle. The Poolife® brand offers a full line of premium pool care products and systems that make pool care simple. Get the most out of the swim season by spending less time on pool maintenance. Have a Happy Pool. Happy Life.® with Poolife®.

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Spa care simplified, your time multiplied! That’s the advantage of a chlorine-free, bromine-free BaquaSpa® system for your spa care routine. When you add it all up, the results are always the same – water that feels fresh and soft on your skin in mere minutes. Start spending less time on your spa and more time in it with BaquaSpa®!

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NUVO Ultraviolet

Mr. B’s continues to lead the way with pool care needs by introducing UV water sterilizers to our customers. The NUVO ultraviolet sterilizers are specifically designed for residential swimming pool environments. They use compact, high-intensity UV lamps for the highest performance and long life (usually lasting more than 18 months).

Why NUVO UV Water Sterilizers?

  • Specifically designed for residential pools
  • Smaller chamber for more efficient water flow rates
  • “NUVO kills what chlorine can’t” – using NUVO along with chlorine will keep your pool free of diseases that are resistant or immune to regular disinfection.
  • Stop by one of our locations for more information on how you can protect your pool!

Oxygen Pools

Mr. B’s is the Exclusive Carrier of Oxygen Pools, the Chlorine Free Pool Water System!

The new system is both a chlorine-free and salt-free water system! A safe and healthy alternative to chlorine, and an alternative to salt that won’t rust your above-ground pool. No heavy chemicals. More powerful. Jump into a chlorine-free/salt-free pool today!

The oxygen clean pool water system was developed to be gentle on humans but extremely aggressive against the “bad guys” that can live in water. With a water treatment program that is hypoallergenic, safe, and affordable, you’ll enjoy peace of mind like never before.


The BAQUACIL® Pool Care System is an innovative chlorine-free system that protects your pool against bacteria and algae. Gentle to the skin, eyes, and hair, the BAQUACIL® brand lets you feel secure in knowing you’re not only doing something good for your pool but good for your family, too.

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