Keeping the backyard fun all summer long!

Summer is full of fun memories, why not create some more family backyard memories with our favorite pool games? These games are sure to have you laughing, splashing, and staying cool all summer long.

Marco Polo

One of the easiest and cheapest way to enjoy the pool this summer is the game Marco Polo. One player closes their eyes and yells “Marco,” with arms extended and tries to tag the other players. The other players have to shout back “Polo” and stay out of the line of touch of the player who is yelling “Marco.” The goal is for the person who is “It” to find the other players by trying to hear where they are in the pool, and eventually tag someone who will be the next “Marco.”

Obstacle Course Pool Games / Pool Olympics

Create your own obstacle courses using floating pool rings, pool floats, and noodles. Have different events (float races, obstacle courses) swimmers must compete in, or time the course to see who can finish it the shortest amount of time.

Water Basketball / F-I-S-H

Love basketball? Can’t get enough of playing it in your driveway or at the park? Get one of the floating hoops and play in the pool! You can also play the water version of H-O-R-S-E by spelling out F-I-S-H instead. Never played the game? Players take turns trying different shots, and if the other player can’t match the first players shot, they get a letter. Get all the way to H? Unfortunately that means the other player wins.

Bumper Beach Balls

Need a use for those large inflatable beach balls? Get a few, and have players jump into the pool holding the balls. The players then chase each other and try to get the other players to bump into the side of the pool with their beach balls. It’s the bumper cars of water! Bump out all the other players until you’re the last one standing!

Noodle Joust Battle

Who didn’t love American Gladiators in the late 80s early 90s? We all knew we could beat the joust. Relive the joust glory in your pool by grabbing a float and a noodle and battling it out. Players sit atop a float, noodle in hand and try to knock each other off the float using the noodle. The first player to fall into the water loses. This could also be included in Pool Olympics.