Mr. B’s is the Exclusive Carrier of Oxygen Pools, the Chlorine Free Pool Water System!

The new system is both a chlorine free and salt free water system! A safe and healthy alternative to chlorine, and an alternative to salt that won’t rust your above-ground pool. No heavy chemicals. More powerful. Jump into a chlorine free/salt free pool today!

The oxygen clean pool water system was developed to be gentle on humans but extremely aggressive against the “bad guys” that can live in water. With a water treatment program that is hypoallergenic, safe and affordable, you’ll enjoy peace of mind like never before.

How Easy is It To Switch to a Chlorine Free Pool?

Super easy. If you’re a chlorine or salt pool owner just start using the Oxygen Pool program and you’ll be chlorine free in a few days!

How Does It Work?

Oxidation is the process by which chlorine sterilizes water. Oxygen Pools uses the oxygen along which is non-toxic to humans. Want the scientific explanation?

What Will I Need?

All you’ll need is a dynamic oxygen generator and a weekly dose of the proprietary non-toxic, non-chlorine blended additive. The generator fits easily on any type of filter, and the weekly dose allows you to swim in minutes.

Want more information? Give Mr. B’s a Call TODAY and start swimming chlorine free!