Relax & rejuvenate from these hot tub benefits

Having a spa in your backyard can be hours of fun for the family, and bring hot tub benefits with it. Relaxing after a long day, soaking sore muscles, or just taking a moment to spend some time together outside can increase the benefits to your health mentally and physically.

Muscle Pain

Soaking in a spa or hot tub can help with muscle aches. According to the Arthritis Foundation website, people who suffer from muscles aches & back pain can utilize soaking in a warm bath or hot tub to “decrease swelling and inflammation and increase circulation.” And for back pain? It can be a stress reliever to release tightened shoulder and back muscles. cites the American Heart Association website that says soaking in a hot tub can increase blood flow. While those with high blood pressure should take caution, this can help muscle and joint pain.

Sleep Tips

The National Sleep Foundation suggests soaking in a bath or hot tub if you’re having trouble sleeping. Taking the time to relax and engaging in an activity that is not physically stimulating an hour or two before bedtime can lead to greater rest.

Reduce Stress

Spending the time to relax in the hot tub after a long day can release the stress of the day, and improve your mood. Relaxing with your family in the hot tub and taking a break is a way to spend time together while you wind down, and talk over the day.

While warm water has its benefits, always consult a medical professional in regards to your mental or physical health.  Drinking water before and after you get into the hot tub can also keep you hydrated and feeling good every day while you relax.

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