Keep You Pool Clean & Clear with E-Z POOL!

EZPOOL Low Chlorine Sanitizer manages pool water quality with ease. Follow these steps and you’ll have a great summer! Buy E-Z POOL at any Mr. B’s Pool Centers location.


Balance Alkalinity to 80-120PPM

Balance PH to 7.6

Balance Calcium to 300+PPM

Shock with Granular Chlorine

1 LB/12,000 Gallons – 24 Hours before 1st Dose

Dose with E-Z POOL(See Maintenance Levels Below)

Run E-Z POOL 7-10 Days and Have Balance Levels Checked

Follow Weekly Maintenance Routine Below

Weekly Treatment

Add E-Z POOL Weekly – 1 Scoop = 1/2 LB

7,500       2 Scoops

10,000     3 Scoops

15,000     4 Scoops

20,000     5 Scoops

25,000     6 Scoops

Add one 3″ chlorine tablet/10,000 gallons of water

Brush and vacuum weekly

Backwash filter weekly

Keep water levels in balance

PH: 7.2 – 7.6

Alkalinity: 70-110 PPM

Calcium: 300 – 500 PPM

Need help checking your water levels? Bring in your water sample to Mr. B’s!