Missouri Flood Relief Donations

Mike Balek at the American Red Cross

When the second 100-year flood in two years struck just south of St. Louis, Mike Balek knew he needed to help. Some family and close friends were affected, but he knew many more people were both directly and indirectly affected, including customers. He wanted to do more, so he started thinking about a Missouri flood relief donations check.

Each year, Mr. B’s Pool Centers throws a sale in May for those getting ready to open their pools. Pool owners can find discounts on pool care supplies, above ground pools, and items you might need to get ready for the summer. This year, he decided to take 3% of the profits he made during this sale, and give it toward Missouri flood relief donations. After the sale and the totals were calculated, this ended with a $4,000 donation to The Red Cross of Eastern Missouri, and a $4,000 donation to Catholic Charities. $8,000 donated in total.

Mike Balek with Theresa Ruzicka of Catholic Charities St. Louis

“Our customers are like family. They’re loyal to us. We do right by them, they do right by us, and they keep coming back.” Mr. Balek said, explaining the idea behind the donation. “Many of our customers and their families were affected both directly and indirectly by the floods, and we wanted to make sure we gave back to them.”

Mr. Balek chose to give to both charities to expand the reach of help. The Red Cross to assist with immediate relief, and Catholic Charities to aid in long-term assistance.