Keeping the Pool Clean Year-Round

Pool Maintenance Tips

Mr. B’s wants your pool to stay in top shape all summer long. To make sure, we’re sharing these pool maintenance tips to help you along the way.

  1.  Keep the Pool & Surrounding Area Clean

Good pool maintenance starts with good housekeeping, pool owners must brush side walls and pool bottom regularly.

Empty skimmer and pump baskets as needed

Vacuum debris from pool as needed

Skim surface water as needed

Monitor filter pressure gauge

Chemically Clean Filter 2x/Season

2. Circulation

Owners must keep the pool water in motion

Moving water through the filter traps dirt & contaminants

Distributes chemicals evenly

Eliminates “dead spots” where algae may bloom

Point return jets downward 45 degrees and to one side

Run pump 10 to 12 hours daily; sometimes longer after rains storms or heavy swimming load

3. Maintain Proper Water Balance

Why is proper chemical balance so important?

Swimmer comfort

Protects surface and equipment

Sanitizer effectiveness

Keeps water sparkling clean

Reduces maintenance costs

Inhibits algae growth