Baquacil® Spring Start-Up Pool Opening Tips

Getting You On the Path to Clean, Clear Water

  1. Uncover & clean cover with Baquacil® cover cleaner
  2. Fill pool to operating level
  3. Chemically clean filter or replace sand or filter element
  4. Operate pump & filter
  5. Bring in water sample to Mr. B’s Pool Centers for professional analysis
  6. Top us Baquacil® Sanitizer to 50 PPM
  7. Add Maintenance does of Baquacil® Algicide, 1.5 oz / 10k water
  8. Add Baquacil® Oxidizer, 1 gallon / 10k water

Remember: We are here so you can experience clean, clear, hygienically safe water! Our pool opening tips help your pool stay healthy from the minute you open it. Purchase test strips at Mr. B’s & let us test your water!