At Mr. B’s we always want you to be your safest, especially when it comes to your pool or spa. That’s why we share the best hot tub safety tips with you. The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and CDC have some great tips for staying safe in your hot tub.

  • No children less than 5 years old and all children should be able to stand on the bottom of the spa and have their head above water.
  • Water temperature should stay below 104°F, and never soak more than 15 minutes at a time.
  • Rinse off with soap before getting in the hot tub.
  • Drinking water keeps you hydrated while you soak, and don’t drink alcohol before or during hot tub use.
  • Checking your water often is key, and the CDC outlines their recommendations for safe water on their site.

Following these safety tips will keep your spa fun and safe year round.