Closing Pool Tips

When it’s time to close your pool, Mr. B wants you to remember a few closing pool tips to make sure re-opening your pool next spring will be a breeze.

  1. Bring your filter indoors during the winter. While not mandatory, it will ensure the filter doesn’t crack or break in the winter, and make sure when you re-open in the spring you minimized unforeseen expenses.
  2. Bring in a water sample for us to test. Yes – we recommend testing the water during pool closing as well! Having properly balanced water is important over the off-season is as important as in-season.
  3. Vacuum and clean up any debris at the bottom of the pool, the cleaner the pool is when you close, the less you’ll have to clean when you re-open.
  4. Buy a winter cover. These covers are more durable and perfect for St. Louis winters.