Mr. B’s New Computer Water Testing Policy

Effective January 1, 2018, Mr. B’s will charge a $5 service fee for all computer water testing.

Also effective January 1, 2018, Mr. B’s will implement a significant discount on all pool balancers and algaecides to offset the $5 testing service fee.

The $5 service fee will be deducted from your chemical purchase. Items discounted: Maintain Brand PH+, PH-, Calcium Increaser, Alkalinity Increaser and all Maintain Algaecides.

In addition, the following Baquacil and Poolife products will be discounted: PH+, PH-, Calcium Increaser, Alkalinity Increaser, All Baquacil and Poolife Algaecides.

We appreciate your local patronage to Mr. B’s!

Mr. B’s provides state-of-the-art COMPUTERIZED Pool Water Testing

In 1990, Mr. B’s Pool Centers became the first company in the St. Louis area to offer the BAQUACIL® pool treatment products. Mr. B’s is now one of the 10 largest dealers in the U.S., and with over 20 years experience, Mr. B’s has become the “go to” source for advice in maintaining swimming pool water cleanliness and safety. In order to maintain this level of expertise, Mr. B’s requires that each staff member undergo extensive, ongoing training in product application and overall technology related to swimming pool maintenance, including pool water testing.

“Our commitment is to always have the best trained experts and high quality state-of-the art equipment in our water testing station. Our main objective is to insure that our customers are always swimming in hygienically clean and safe pools.”

– Mike Balek, Mr. B’s Pool Centers

Realizing that a typical test strip was not an adequate indicator of water quality, Mr. B’s invested in a state-of-the-art computerized testing station. This system provides a thorough and accurate test result based on the Langelier Saturation Index… the industry standard for determining water balance. The print-out created outlines the exact treatment required to ensure that your pool water will meet balanced water standards.

“Clean” pool water is not necessarily “safe” pool water. Bring your water sample to Mr. B’s and ensure that your pool water is both. Come to the experts. The safety of your loved ones is too important to leave to chance.

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