Mr. B’s is the Exclusive Carrier of Oxygen Pools, the Chlorine Free Pool Water System!

The new system is both a chlorine free and salt free water system! A safe and healthy alternative to chlorine, and an alternative to salt that won’t rust your above-ground pool. No heavy chemicals. More powerful. Jump into a chlorine free/salt free pool today!

The oxygen clean pool water system was developed to be gentle on humans but extremely aggressive against the “bad guys” that can live in water. With a water treatment program that is hypoallergenic, safe and affordable, you’ll enjoy peace of mind like never before.

How Easy is It To Switch to a Chlorine Free Pool?

Super easy. If you’re a chlorine or salt pool owner just start using the Oxygen Pool program and you’ll be chlorine free in a few days!

How Does It Work?

Oxidation is the process by which chlorine sterilizes water. Oxygen Pools uses the oxygen along which is non-toxic to humans. Want the scientific explanation?

chlorine free pool with Oxygen Pools oxidizing process

What Will I Need?

All you’ll need is a dynamic oxygen generator and a weekly dose of the proprietary non-toxic, non-chlorine blended additive. The generator fits easily on any type of filter, and the weekly dose allows you to swim in minutes.

Chlorine free pool water generator from oxygen pools fits on most filterChlorine free pool water starts with Oxygen Pools weekly dose

Want more information? Give Mr. B’s a Call TODAY and start swimming chlorine free!